Monday, September 10, 2007

You Me Town~

Last Friday, I had to go to the Saga Office to collect my 'alien card' (card for foreigners who stayed in Japan), so Shahril took a half day off. After collecting the alien card, we went window shopping at You Me Town. Cool place~

Yeay!! arrived at You Me~

I was checking out some stuff...

While Shahril had some caramel popcorn. Yummy~

Ouh! And I spotted this! Cool~

And then we went to a sport's shop and took some photos of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks collection coz the next day we're watching their game! Yeehaa!!

I was interested to the huge bear more than the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks collections! hihihiks~

Okie, it's time for us to head back home coz we need to wake up early tomorrow to catch the game at Fukuoka Yahoo Dome Stadium!!

Bye bye You Me Town!! I'll come again for sure~

On the way back, we pass by the Round 1 Stadium. It's a place to bowl, futsal and such. I heard that it was quite expensive but it's a cool place anyway!

beneath the heart,


thanezra said...

aku jeles
ada banyak kedai comic tak? :P

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

ouh banyak! kat area fukuoka especially.. tp sbb aku tk layan sgt so.. tktau ler nak carik! hihik