Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's been a while...

I know.. I haven't been writing for sooooo long.. Forgive me. It's just some changes we've been facing through. But I promise you guys.. there are few interesting entries coming right up. So.. hang on with me okie. Ouh~ thanks also for giving us supports. *hugs*

beneath the heart,

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Himawari!!.... Sunflower~

Remember the previous post about the balloon festival? It was the same day we went to see the sunflowers. Thanks to En. Khai for the info, Yati and Nawa for the guide and also to the officer at Yoshinogari and Nakabaru Station.

It all started when i suggested to see the sunflowers since it was still early to go home after checking out the balloons.

When we arrived at Yoshinogari Station, Shahril asked the officer for guide. It wasn't far from Nakabaru Station. So we went back to our car but before we drove off, we took some photos there because the combination of the flowers are lovely. Don't you think so?


It's autumn not spring~ hihiks

Then we headed to Nakarabaru Station and asked the officer exactly how to reach the sunflower plantation. The officer said it was not far from the station. So straight away we headed towards the direction. And.. walla~ lovely sunflowers indeed!

Sunflowers everywhere!!

More.. more.. and more sunflowers!~

Can you spot the busy buzzy bee?? bbzzzz.. bbzzz...

The flowers are huge!~

These are amethyst, planted nearby the sunflowers, but very few of them

Triple happy~

beneath the heart,


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Saga International Balloon Fiesta... Again!!

Yes... because we were upset (refer to the previous post), so we went to the festival the very next day. It was actually the last day. Referring to the schedule, the balloon will be set up at 0700 until 0900. So that morning we woke up early without having our breakfast (cause Shahril wants the Turkish Chicken Kebab for breakfast) and went to the festival. But this time, we went by train. Definitely more time saved rather than hassling in the heavy traffic.

The three of us, Shahril, Zai and I (Wok didn't join us this time) were excited when we arrived cause we saw the balloons were set up.

Cool~ the balloons are there when we arrived!!

Then the balloons flew away. We had no idea when will the balloons come back. So we went and have our breakfast.

Up..up and awayyy.. they flew~ erkk float?!

Then from the stall, we saw a giant Doraemon was floating... and we quickly ran to the viewing spot and we saw more balloons were set up.

Yeayy.. Doraemon!!

These were the 'cool' balloons~

These were the 'not so cool' balloons~

My side - the 'cool' ballons * Shahril's side - the 'not so cool' balloons... hihiks

I sat next to this cheeky young man~

Balloons.. balloons.. wish to have a ride on one of these hot air balloons!

It was around 0930 when it got windy and the balloons couldn't stayed on their own. So the event ends and there will be more show around 1500. But we decided to have a walk at the stalls and went back home.

The ballons collapsed.. 1st runner up goes to the panda.. and the winner is..the tortoise.. 'slow and steady win the race!'

Along the stalls

I was totally satisfied this time cause I got to see the colourful creative balloons at last~

Satisfied enough!~

beneath the heart,

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saga International Balloon Fiesta

It was the last weekend before the festival ends. So last Saturday, Shahril and I with his friends, Zai and Wok went to the Saga International Balloon Fiesta.

We went out from our home at 1430 and went to fetch Zai at his home. Around 1440 straight away we headed to Saga town to fetch Wok. The traffic was so heavy on the way to Saga town. We arrived at Wok's around 1520 and straight away to the balloon festival. That time the traffic was extremely heavy... we could barely move our vehicle. We have to follow the flow until we reached the parking lot at 1635. Crazy.. huh!!

We're here!!

There were lots of stalls selling souvenirs and food. We had some crepe, Turkish kebab, grilled corn and popcorn and chilled for a while before the event started. Of course we were there to see the balloons.

Walking through the stalls

Delicious Turkish Chicken Kebab!! Yummy~

After we had the kebab~ I kept thinking of it over and over again! hihiks

The event should start in few more minutes. Unfortunately, it was windy so they can't get the balloon ready cause the fire won't stay still. Huhuhu.. what an unlucky day~

They couldn't set up the balloons.. huhuhu...

We went back home feeling unhappy :(

I got myself a candy apple (apple coated with hard crunchy sweet syrup) to stabilize my mood.. hihiks

beneath the heart,