Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween fever!

It's in the air!!

When I was 3 or 4 years old, I used to celebrate Halloween with my family. We were in US so the celebration was magnificent. I remembered my sister and I were dressed up in Halloween costumes and we collected candies and chocolates from our neighbours. Usually we brought our jack-o'-lantern containers with handles to put the candies and chocolates in them. I remembered that my dad used to carve pumpkins to make the jack-o'-lantern. I thought it was cool~ I wish I had the pictures here but it was like more that 20 years ago! Hihiks

Anyway below are some pictures of Shahril and I when we went for a walk last Saturday.

Happy Halloween!!

Baby Jack!!

Trick or Treat? Treat...!!!

Cute~ Hihiks

beneath the heart,


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2 Syawal 1428 H

On the second day of Hari Raya, the Malaysian student held a Raya ceremony among the Malaysian citizen here in Saga. We had pot luck so each of us must brought something for the event. We brought kuah kacang. Hubby stayed all night crushing the kacang for the kuah kacang. Sian dear hubby. Hihiks.

Anyway we got ready quite early coz hubby wants to check out the others who bakar the satay. As hubby waited for me to get ready, Yume kindda understand that we will be leaving him home so he took a chance pretending having a nap on hubby's lap.

Poor lil' Yume... being left at home

As we arrived, most of them weren't there yet. So, I waited and chatted with Kak Shima and Diana while Shahril and the others went to check out the boys preparing satay.

With Kak Shima and Diana

When everybody arrived, we started the ceremony. The food was marvelous! Just like being in Malaysia. Then we had tones and tones of photography sessions. It was totally fun!

Some of the Raya food.. Yummy~

Yummy food ~

Look how happy the boys are!

The girls as well~

Everybody was totally happy~

So how should we pose?

Jom pi raya!~

Us on the 2nd day of Aidilfitri

Malaysian at Saga

Later that afternoon, Shahril and the boys went for futsal for one and a half hour and then we went back home.

beneath the heart,

1 Syawal 1428 H

We woke up early that day for Solat Sunat Aidilfitri at Saga University International Student Hall. After we perform our prayers, we asked for forgiveness among the Muslim citizen who came for solat. We had a makan-makan afterwards where everybody brought some dishes to share with. We don't have the pictures here cause we forgot to bring our camera along. Huhuhu...

Anyway, after that, we went to Zaim and Muz's house. We were served with rendang and bihun goreng and various of raya cookies. We stayed for a while then went back to our home.

We took our 1st raya picture together and with Yume as well.

Us on 1st Syawal 1428

Us with Yume

beneath the heart,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Buka Puasa at Helmi's

Sunday, October 7th, Helmi and the gang held a buka puasa at their place. We were invited so I prepared home made popia goreng for them.

They prepared special fried chicken with black soy sauce meat and soup. The taste was marvelous for a guy's cook. I don't know if I could cook like them. ehehe. But hubby said I cooked way better. I bet hubby was just making me feel good. But I don't mind as long as hubby likes my cookings. Hihiks.

At Helmi's place

Back to the topic, after we had our meal, we were served with kueh mueh. Yummy Malaysian kueh! I just love it! Kindda reminds me of pasar ramadhan anyway. ehehe. While having our dessert, the boys occupied themselves with PS2 and computer games while the girls chit chat.

After that, Shahril and the boys went for futsal at school while the girls and I went to Round 1 Stadium to have fun. The boys finished futsal at 10.30pm but the girls came back from Round 1 Stadium at 2.00 am. Poor dear hubby waited for me for so long. Luckily there's few matches on air so hubby watched the matches. But I still feel bad making him waited for that long.

We arrived home late that night and I prepared sahur for us. Then we took our nap till morning.

beneath the heart,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buka Puasa At Our Place

Last Saturday on October 6th, we had a buka puasa at our place. Shahril invited the students from Saga Uni to join us. I prepared simple dishes for berbuka. There was around 20 of us that evening cramped in our lil' house. It was quite enjoyable to get to know them.

Some of the boys from Saga Uni

Yume was a little frightening when there's a bunch of human walking into our home. He wasn't himself for like half an hour, but he got used to it. Yume was very excited when the boys kept him entertained.

After we had our makan-makan, we went to an entertainment center for bowling. We arrived there at around 10.30 pm. Unfortunately, the bowling alley was full and we have to wait until 1.00 am. So at the mean time, Shahril and the boys went for billiard and the girls and I went for a Purikura session. Hihiks. I'm not going to post the pictures here. Sorry guys~

Waiting for others at the entertainment center

Around 12.15 am, Shahril and I decided to go back home coz our place is a bit far. We have to travel for half an hour or more to reach home. Besides, earlier that morning, Yume wasn't feeling well so we were concerned about Yume's condition.

Poor lil' Yume. He vomited that morning

We arrived home at 12.40 am and straight away went to sleep.


beneath the heart,


Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

Kami ingin mengucapkan,

::* Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri *::

kepada keluarga, saudara mara, rakan-rakan dan seluruh umat muslimin dan muslimat di mana jua anda berada. Ampun dan maaf dipinta dari kami di bumi Jepun ini.

ikhlas dari hati,

Shahril, Azfa dan Yume ;)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Takoyaki... erkk Kueh Cara??


Ahad lepas kuar cari groceries ngan Shahril sbb nak wat Nasi Ayam utk berbuka puasa. Pastu Shahril teringat2 lak nak makan kueh cara manis.. yummy... dap nyer... Azfa pun cakap,

"Sayang, I leh wat kueh cara tp kena ada acuan yg sama cam acuan bahulu tu".

"Ye ker sayang leh wat?".

"I tau.. I penah tgk mak I wat dulu masa kitorang duk kat Arab."

"Abis kalo nak wat kena suruh mak poskan acuan die laa kan"


Sambil mata tgk2 kat acuan Takoyaki kat kedai tu. Pastu Shahril kata,

"Haa.. acauan takoyaki ni tkleh pakai ke?"

"Bley jugak nak try. Tp mahal gak kan"

"Takpe.. asalkan jadi.. beli jer"

"Betul ke nak beli ni sayang?"

"Betul laa.. sayang buat ptg karang utk berbuka yer"

"Okie I wat. Jom bayar"

Hihiks.. pastu balik rumah, Azfa pun wat laa kueh cara ni.. hihiks. cuma takde pandan colouring laa. Tp untuk rasa pandan tu Azfa pakai santan perisa pandan tu. so.. masyukk jee.. hihiks. Shahril pun suke sgt!

Esoknye buat lagi kueh cara manis dan berlauk.

Betul2 selling fast!! (walaupun makan berdua jer :D)

beneath the heart,