Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buka Puasa At Our Place

Last Saturday on October 6th, we had a buka puasa at our place. Shahril invited the students from Saga Uni to join us. I prepared simple dishes for berbuka. There was around 20 of us that evening cramped in our lil' house. It was quite enjoyable to get to know them.

Some of the boys from Saga Uni

Yume was a little frightening when there's a bunch of human walking into our home. He wasn't himself for like half an hour, but he got used to it. Yume was very excited when the boys kept him entertained.

After we had our makan-makan, we went to an entertainment center for bowling. We arrived there at around 10.30 pm. Unfortunately, the bowling alley was full and we have to wait until 1.00 am. So at the mean time, Shahril and the boys went for billiard and the girls and I went for a Purikura session. Hihiks. I'm not going to post the pictures here. Sorry guys~

Waiting for others at the entertainment center

Around 12.15 am, Shahril and I decided to go back home coz our place is a bit far. We have to travel for half an hour or more to reach home. Besides, earlier that morning, Yume wasn't feeling well so we were concerned about Yume's condition.

Poor lil' Yume. He vomited that morning

We arrived home at 12.40 am and straight away went to sleep.


beneath the heart,


khai said...

Waa...sampai hati tak jemput. Rumah kita dekat je. Tapi tak pe, tak ambik hatipun. hehehe..

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

en khai, memule kitorang nak wat kecik2 je.. sbb ingat ramai dak saga balik Mesia, sekali ramai dah balik, tu yg dtg sume. en khai tk wat pun buka2 pose kt kitorang sume. tk pun open hause raya nanti wat laa yer. sure lagi ramai yg dtg.

khai said...

Weekend tu mmg ada plan nk ajak azfa n shahril bukak puasa kt rumah tapi tk tahu cam ne nk contact. Nk ajak ramai2 susah sikit sbb takut neighbour marah. Email sebelum tu tk sure sampai ke tk. Tanya bebudak Saga pun semua senyap aje. Ingatkan semua tk de contact dgn you all berdua. Tu yg try cari gak email kot2 boleh sampai. Rasa guilty lak kalau tk sampaikan info pasal majlis raya tu. Tapi rupanya semua dah kenal dah (except me). Open house besar2 tk dpt buatlah tahun ni. But you're always welcome at our house.