Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2 Syawal 1428 H

On the second day of Hari Raya, the Malaysian student held a Raya ceremony among the Malaysian citizen here in Saga. We had pot luck so each of us must brought something for the event. We brought kuah kacang. Hubby stayed all night crushing the kacang for the kuah kacang. Sian dear hubby. Hihiks.

Anyway we got ready quite early coz hubby wants to check out the others who bakar the satay. As hubby waited for me to get ready, Yume kindda understand that we will be leaving him home so he took a chance pretending having a nap on hubby's lap.

Poor lil' Yume... being left at home

As we arrived, most of them weren't there yet. So, I waited and chatted with Kak Shima and Diana while Shahril and the others went to check out the boys preparing satay.

With Kak Shima and Diana

When everybody arrived, we started the ceremony. The food was marvelous! Just like being in Malaysia. Then we had tones and tones of photography sessions. It was totally fun!

Some of the Raya food.. Yummy~

Yummy food ~

Look how happy the boys are!

The girls as well~

Everybody was totally happy~

So how should we pose?

Jom pi raya!~

Us on the 2nd day of Aidilfitri

Malaysian at Saga

Later that afternoon, Shahril and the boys went for futsal for one and a half hour and then we went back home.

beneath the heart,


cikyamx said...

laa hai apsal tak pakai blender je? mmg kuar kacang from scratch nih..hehe

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

pakai gak blender. tp separuh lagi tumbuk2 jer sbb nak nampak kacang tu.. cam ala2 mak wat! huhuhu...

Adi Yuseri Md. Yusof said...

Cik Pa tgh belajar2 jadi mak...hehehe... ko Cik Yam ada tak wat kuah kacang half tumbuk half blender...hehehe

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

hahaha.. acat yg blend ngan tumbuk kacang tu.. sbb nak ade chunky bits kacang2 tuh! hihiks

cikyamx said...

haha nolah aku mak moden, ada food processor. ekekeke

azreen said...

ehehhehe.. chepa saje je tuh nk dera acat sket ehehhe..

chepa.. duit nk dtg jepun lom cukup lagik.. eheh.. lindeq sampai marah sbb dia dh nk habis blajo aku tak melawat2 dia lagik ehehe

khai said...

Hmm.. banyaknya gambor! Macam2 colour ada. BTW it was our pleasure to meet both of you. Senang2 jemputlah datang rumah. Dah puas ronda2 Saga? Next week Saga International Baloon Festival start, bolehlah ajak Shahril pergi tengok. Setahun sekali aje event ni.

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

azreen - takpe2 lindeq leh sponsour.. die tgh kaya raya nih! hihiks

en khai - ouh, interesting, nanti nak pegi tgk laa.. mmg tunggu jugak balloon festival tu. tp tk sure bile start. thanks!