Friday, October 12, 2007

Buka Puasa at Helmi's

Sunday, October 7th, Helmi and the gang held a buka puasa at their place. We were invited so I prepared home made popia goreng for them.

They prepared special fried chicken with black soy sauce meat and soup. The taste was marvelous for a guy's cook. I don't know if I could cook like them. ehehe. But hubby said I cooked way better. I bet hubby was just making me feel good. But I don't mind as long as hubby likes my cookings. Hihiks.

At Helmi's place

Back to the topic, after we had our meal, we were served with kueh mueh. Yummy Malaysian kueh! I just love it! Kindda reminds me of pasar ramadhan anyway. ehehe. While having our dessert, the boys occupied themselves with PS2 and computer games while the girls chit chat.

After that, Shahril and the boys went for futsal at school while the girls and I went to Round 1 Stadium to have fun. The boys finished futsal at 10.30pm but the girls came back from Round 1 Stadium at 2.00 am. Poor dear hubby waited for me for so long. Luckily there's few matches on air so hubby watched the matches. But I still feel bad making him waited for that long.

We arrived home late that night and I prepared sahur for us. Then we took our nap till morning.

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