Thursday, September 13, 2007

Introducing.... Yume~

For this entry, I'm gonna introduce you guys to our new family member, Yume (you-may). We adopted Yume from a volunteer who take care of homeless cats and dogs.

Yume's friends

Yume's friend and adopted mummy cat

After consulting with the owner, we decided to take Yume home with us. Ouh, by the way, Yume is a 'he' not a 'she', as my previous entry here. Hehehe. And Yume is 4 months old now.

Yume, on the way to his new home


Yume is very active! I mean totally hyper~ hihik. He will jump on you, cuddle you and ambush you from nowhere and play with anything strange for him. Hihiks. Check out these pics ;)

Hey!.. why is this.. why is that... meoww~

I wanna try this.. I wanna do that! meow~

Okie, enough Yume, time for a cat nap~

purr... purrss

beneath the heart,


zulfadli said...

That very innocent eyes make Yume-kun so kawaiii!!! ^_^

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

hihihiks.. yume-chan is very very cheecky tau! better watch out!!