Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What a day~

I woke up at 0436 and realize that I forgot to set my alarm for sahur. I woke Shahril up and asked if he would like to have some drink since we have few minutes left. Shahril refused to drink so I just grabbed the water next to me and have a sip or two. We went back to sleep without taking our sahur.

And the day starts as usual until...

I drove to Shahril's office to fetch him to go to the bank. His lunch time is at 12 noon until quarter to 1. I offered to drove him since it was very hot to cycle from his office to the bank at that time. Kesian, Shahril kan puase... dah laa tak sahur sebab I tak terjaga. Hihiks

Shahril came out from the office and straight away we headed to the bank.

Arrived at the bank and settled up some stuff. Unfortunately... the stuff can't be settled on time so we have to settle it at the headquarters at Fukuoka. The time was 1250 at that time.

We've made a decision to go to Fukuoka straight away on the same day and Shahril called his manager and requested a half day off. We drove to Yoshinogari Station to catch a train to Fukuoka. (We ran to save time and I was on my heels!)

We took a train from Yoshinogari to Tosu.

Then we changed to the express train from Tosu to Hakata. We took the express train so that we could arrive to the bank before it closes at 1500. (Again, we ran so we won't miss the train!)

From Hakata we took a subway to Tenjin.

Arrived at Tenjin Station and we walked (ran actually) to the bank. Luckily the bank wasn't far from the station.

Entered the bank and settled up the stuff (I was already exausted, but Shahril was stronger than ever! Hihiks!). It took us more than an hour to settled up!

Settled everything and check out some stores along the way to Tenjin Station

Took a subway back to Hakata

From Hakata, I suggested to take the normal train to save money besides, we were not in a hurry anymore but to our surprise, the express train was having a promotion for 800 yen off! No wonder the fare was quite cheap when we paid for the tickets earlier but we couldn't bother coz we were chasing time. Since the fare was reasonable, we took the express train instead to reach home earlier.

Reached at Tosu and changed to another train to Yoshinogari. On the way I was thinking of having burger from Mos Burger. Shahril agreed, in case we couldn't prepare for 'berbuka' on time, coz Maghrib is at 1811.

Arrived at Yoshinogari Station and we drove to Mos Burger. Grabbed our burger and straight away headed back home.

Arrived home and I prepared simple dishes for berbuka, KFC style fried chicken, coleslaw, and I amended yesterday's 'sambal tumis telur' that was meant for sahur with rice and also caramel that I'd prepared yesterday (At this time Shahril has flattened... sian dier~).

We managed to get everything ready and prepared ourselves for breaking fast.

We've been through this the whole day without taking our sahur. Huh! what a day~

beneath the heart,


Adi Yuseri Md. Yusof said...

Even though you've been to many places in a day, walks & run, you should feel blessed because you manage to 'buka puasa' at home with your hubby. Not many people here have this privilege. Most of us stuck in traffic jam and struggling with office works :(
Some more, this raya i'll be celebrating it alone in foreign country. Miserable kan...

khai said...

Salam perkenalan dr org sekampung (Yoshinogari). Ada pergi SATY tak ptg Rabu 26/9 tu? Sebab org rumah saya kata ada nampak couple mcm org Malaysia tengah dok usha kek kat SATY, hehehe. InsyaAllah akan call Khairul nanti sebab dia ada bagi no hp. Dapat email dia kat Salam Perantauan. Nanti sambut raya di Saga ke?

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

that's right adi! I totally agreed with u. I do felt blessed~ thanks ;)

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

salam perkenalan en. khai! mmg kitorang ade pegi Saty ari tu coz we're craving for something sweet!! A.ah raya kat saga je.

khai said...

Tak sangka ada jiran orang Malaysia kat Yoshinogari ni. Kalau nak buat kuih raya tu dan tak ada oven, datanglah ambik oven kat rumah saya. Acuan roti jala pun ada.

ayda said...

nampaknya che pa dah dpt kwn baru kat area Yoshinogari ;)

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

thanks en khai. tp macam tk perlukan lagi la. sbb azfa pun tk sure bahan2 sini yg mana leh guna.anyway thanks

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

yer ayda.. tk kenal sgt actually, en khai tu senior kat uni saga dulu tp dah menetap sini.

khai said...

ha-ah ayda, walaupun kita orang ni inggal dekat je tapi tak pernah jumpa lagi. azfa, saya dah hantar mesej kat Shahril guna add dia kat Salam perantauan tu. May be dia jarang check kot akaun tu. Saya tak berapa suka sangat keluar kat blog. Want to keep low profile. hehehe.

azreen said...

boleh lah korang beraya bersama nnt :D... ade suasana raya sket nnt ehehe