Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome Stadium

Last Saturday Shahril, Khairul and I went to Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome Stadium to watch a baseball match between Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks and Osaka Orix Buffalo.

Tickets for me, Shahril and Shahril's friend, Khairul.

From our place, we took a train at Yoshinogari Station to Tosu Station, then we changed to another train straight to Hakata Station in Fukuoka and then we took a subway train to Tenjin Station and headed to Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome Stadium with the supporter's bus.

The train ride. I just can't wait to arrive!!

Fukuoka Station

The stadium was huge and awesome! I've never been in a baseball stadium before. So, I was a kindda 'jakun' and excited. Hihihiks~

Cool dome! I luv it!!

The Hawks goodies!

The baseball entertainment shop

Go Hawks!!~

Well, we're on the Hawk's side. To tell the truth, I'm not into baseball but I did enjoy the cheers for the Hawks. They had this special routine where the supporters will follow the conductor. I also did follow the routine and I enjoyed it!

Us with Shahril's colleagues.

Look at the photo that Shahril took! Naughty~

I luv this part. We are ready to let go the balloons.

Ready.... let go...!!! Weeee~

The Hawks won the game by 3-0 and the cheers was amazing!

The crowd

Hawks won!!~ yee.... haa!


After the game, we headed to Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka and I bought some stuff, expensive, but worth it! Hihiks.

Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka

Then we had a walk around Fukuoka City. I was kindda exhausted, so not many pictures were taken.

Cute kan?~

Fukuoka City~

But it's okie, we'll definitely come again to Fukuoka! Hihihiks~

beneath the heart,

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