Monday, September 3, 2007

I just luv to shop!!

Last Saturday, we went shopping at a place called 'Tosu Premium Outlet' where various of branded outlet are placed in one big area. It was fun being there coz the price are quite cheap. My hubby and I got some cool stuff from Sisley, Levi's, Body Glove and Adidas.

I would luv to grab more stuff if I got more money... huhu

We stopped for a while at Starbucks for some snack.

This lil' gurl is cute don't u think so? Shahril is also cute right? *v*

We continued browsing around the area for a while...

Okie, last shot before we headed back

Until, we decided to get back to our crib and grab a yummy 'crepe' before we headed back to our car.

Yummy! but I luv Baskin Robbins' crepe the most!!

It was quite a heavy traffic on the way back. So I grabbed our camera and took some photos along the path. But it surprises me that there's a Harley Davidson's outlet in Saga!! Well, you see Saga is way..way... 'kampung' than Fukuoka! Hahaha...

I'm gonna stop by at this place one day! hihiks

beneath the heart,

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