Thursday, September 20, 2007

Roti jala anyone?~

We have some left over 'kari daging' from yesterday's 'buka puasa'. My hubby requested I to make 'karipap' but I thought that I would like to prepare 'karipap' this weekend when we have 'buka puasa' with Khairul. I was wondering what should we have for today's 'berbuka'. We don't have much stuff left in the fridge and also we dont't have proper cooking tools so, I surf on the web and got an idea to make 'roti jala/roti kirai'. We definitely have all the ingredients for 'roti jala'. Hihihiks..

But, the problem is, we don't have the tool to 'kirai' the mixture. An idea pop out when I looked at Yume's canned food. So I guest I can use a can and make some holes. Well off course not Yume's canned food, I used tuna can instead. So, I make few holes with a sharp knife. I know that the sizes of the holes are uneven, but who cares anyway! Hihihiks.. Plus I'm too lazy to drive to Saty to check if they sell the tool for the 'roti jala' mixture (as if they sell the tool anyway!! hihiks). I know that the 'roti jala' will not look nice with the uneven holes, but taste does matters! Hihihiks..

Okie, I got some laundry to do. I'll update later!~

beneath the heart,


azreen said...

chepa skang mmg dh jadi suri rumah berjaya... blog pon dh berbunyi macam suri rumah yang sangat berjaya ehhhe

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

hihihiks.. malu laa i zeghin!! kuikuikui.. blum berjaya lagi. masih tatih lagik nih!

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