Monday, September 3, 2007


Last Friday, we had a 'makan-makan' celebration for our marriage by Shahril's colleagues in a Japanese Restaurant. Well, being an 'outsider' (you see, I dun understand their language) it was quite a good evening. My hubby did try his very best to explain to me every time they chatted. I appreciated that dear hubby.

Some of Shahril's Japanese colleagues

We had Shashimi, Amadai Shioiyaki or Ikan Bakar
, Tempura, Rice and various of Japanese style side dishes. I was told that the price was around 2500 yen per person. Wow! that was expensive. Sorry I dun have the pics here coz we were so busy 'makan-makan' until we forgot to take some pics. Hihiks.

At the end of the ceremony, I had to give a short speech, well, in English of course. Hihiks. I just made it very short and very simple coz I'm so not good in words. Hihihiks.

And yes, we received this lovely card with 'angpau' inside. Yeay!!

Sweet!! But inside is wayyy.. sweeter!! hihiks

beneath the heart,

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