Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tummy Trimm!!!

Hello ya'all!!

Have you guys been waiting for me to update or just felt bored and left this blog as it was before. Apologize for my absence. Yes, this few months I was not in a good shape (more to mentally).

And yes, I guess you guys knew that we will be having a baby soon (happy!!). And sorry I didn't announce it properly (you know by writing 'bout it here) cause the symptom I've been through during the early pregnancy. It's our first time (off cause!!) so we really need some adjustment and space just to make sure that everything went well. So, please forgive me.

Anyway, I'm back writing 'bout whatever I felt to write. So, for this entry I felt like writing 'bout the changes we've been through. Maybe it's a little bored for some of you but hey, if you don't feel like reading then don't read. Hehehe.

Okie, I don't know how to start :P. Anyway, I would just like to share my latest pictures with my bump. I've told some of you that my tummy is hardly seen. See it for yourself!

Tadaa~ Hardly notice right!

Now you can see the small bump at my tummy

This picture was taken on the 10th February and my baby is around 17 weeks (a little more halfway to go!!). And you know what, we went for our last check up on the 14th January and I only weight 45.32 kg and my belly was 70 cm (approx. 28 inches). I can still wear my old jeans (I can't fit my new skinny jeans though.. huhu) and even my S and XS sizes shirts fits pretty well on me. Ouh, I'm wearing an M size shirt on the picture above and I thought it was quite big. Anyway, there will be another check up tomorrow (14th February) and I'll update more okie.

Now that my morning sickness is getting better and better, we have started shopping for the baby. We bought few things that we thought worth buying here in Japan, including the car seat and stroller. We bought this brand new stroller from Aprica in a mall last week, while paying for the stroller, the lady asked if we were going to give the stroller as a gift for someone but as Shahril told her that is was for us as we're having a baby soon, she was surprised cause she didn't notice the bump on my tummy and she was even shocked to know that my due is on this coming July! (have I told you guys my due is in July? Ouh I haven't. Sorry :D)

Well, I have a lot of updates on what I've been doing or where did I went for the past few months but I'll be updating it regularly. For now, I need to prepare my lunch. So, guess I'll be writing in my next entry.

Take care and thanks for all of your supports.

beneath the heart,


Dela said...

che paa~ congratulasi!! nanti tunjuk la progress perut anda ...hehe..

apakah gmail anda. dela mahu add ke blog :D

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

thanks.. hihiks.. selalu laa tgk yer.. tima kasih!

email -

dyana said...

congrates kak azfa!!! baby made in japan ek..hihihi;>

ayda said...

yeay!congratulations che pa..
and please be careful..
1st time nih kena lah jaga2, jgn lasak2 dah eh..
mesti pas nih yumi jealous, but at least nanti dia ada kawan ... hahaha
take care..muahsss

harnidahussin said...

congrate che pa! :)

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

dyana - yes!! baby ade label made in Japan.. hihiks.. congrats jugak utk DD yg dah graduate!!

ayda - thanks ayda! dun u worry coz acat is doing great in taking care of me! hihiks

harnidahussin - thanks amie!! aku balik nanti wat ek biskuuuut ituuuu!!! hihihiks

iryani said...

che happy..happy*bouncing up the wall*...take good care of ur self. and En. Acat..jage chepa yer..pampered die mcm princess tau:D

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

yeay!!! happy nyer sbb sume org pun happy! *bounce same2 ngan yani* hihiks.

mas said...

congrats to my akak yg cumil and acat...hehh...budget kuarnye bulan july ek...rasenye suhieda n aswad nye baby pun due july gak...heh..berkawan ar anak2 korang nnti..hehe..

:: azfa * shahril :: said...

thanks mas.. tu ler.. silap2 sama hari.. leh jadik twins ler..

Anonymous said...

chepaaaa..... mmg tak nampak pon perut preggie... nampak cam perut buncit sbb makan banyak eeeheh :p.. tape2 still halfway... nnt mesti perut besoso sesungguh few months nih.. hihik...

anyway.. again... congratulasi :D

Anonymous said...

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